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Why 19300 will be the magic number of graphic technology...

New 19300 ISO series
The ISO standards for graphic arts have very difficult numbers to remember. Except ISO 12647 (from 12647-1 to 12647-8), other relevant standards that cover all the printing workflow have random numbers: are you able to focus the content of 16759, 16760, 10128, 15339, 12646 and 14861?
For this reason a new simplified approach of workflow-related ISO standards was established in a specific Task Force and will follow the 19300 series. The idea is to move gradually new ideas and new approaches to the 19300 series, to have in few years a complete graphic workflow compendium.
The first document was released in August 2015:
ISO/TR 19300 Guidelines for the use of standards for print media production.
It provides guidelines to enable print industry stakeholders to use ISO/TC 130 and related standards in print media production workflows. The technical report 19300 will be maintained as the collating index for the people that start to read the ISO documents.
Another document is under discussion and will provide a general framework through which conformity to graphic technology standards can be assured:
ISO 19301 Colour quality management certification scheme
In November 2015, ISO/TC130 decide to start to discuss other two very important documents:
ISO 19302 Colour conformity assessment of printed products 
ISO 19303-1 Conformity requirements and testing conditions – Part 1: Packaging printing 
For the first time a specific document for packaging printing will be released, helping thousands of successful industries all around the world!
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